E17: 1000 Hours Away From Being Exceptional

Zach Latta is the founder of Hack Club (hackclub.com). Zach's a high school dropout who's now helped 30k high school students around the world start their own coding clubs. He also helped build the much-beloved "yo" texting app in 2014. This is a fun conversation about coding in school, being a kid, the importance of friendship in learning, and realizing that you can make awesome stuff with awesome people in this world.


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Oz Nova
Oz Nova
Learn computer science with me: async via https://t.co/7DJHcrvyg1 or live via https://t.co/3txqrpBkwi. Or, https://t.co/pDTuKaskQZ
Zach Latta
"you've got to give yourself the shivers before you can give them to someone else" founder @hackclub
E17: 1000 Hours Away From Being Exceptional
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